smart bear advisory

Build Africa



We are witnessing a transition to a New Africa in a period of profound advancements to our social and political governance. African economies are among some of the fastest growing in the world, creating great opportunities for businesses and investors. Innovations in technology, infrastructure, and manufacturing are giving way to exciting prospects for new entrants and established companies alike.

We founded Smart Bear Advisory to foster development in Africa by connecting new ideas, resources, and people. We believe in building relationships, and development can progress by bringing together businesses and investors from around the world who have the drive and influence to make a positive impact.



By providing business consulting and advisory services, we help clients overcome some of the biggest hurdles to doing business in Africa.
At Smart Bear Advisory, we believe in building Africa and seek to serve as a bridge between investors and opportunities


 Provide a conducive environment for clients by realizing business opportunities and resources


Help businesses bridge the gap between management ideas and actual implementation plans


Work closely with businesses and investors to help identify risk and limit impact


Provide an atmosphere for better business practices and build lasting relationships